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We are your partner to:

  • Grow the value of your business
  • Design the roadmap to a successful business transition
  • Ensure you reach your ultimate definition of freedom.

Our ideal client:

We do our best work with owners of privately held companies who...

  • Have a growth mindset.

  • Strive to build a best-in-class business.

  • Value a pragmatic approach to planning for the long term while balancing the needs of today. 

  • Have an annual revenue of $3M-50M.

Our approach:

We take a listen-first approach to understand your values and goals.  This provides the foundation of our partnership. 

We understand that business is personal.  As such, our services bring an integrated approach to planning.  

As accomplished executives who have walked in your shoes, we have trained and passed an exam to be Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA's) and believe exit planning should be present-tense;  it is simply good business strategy. We leverage the research, best practices, and a proven methodologies.

We are team players.  We advocate for a business owner to have a strong team of advisors around them to plan for and harvest the greatest potential for their business, personal, and financial goals.  We are happy to be a member of the team and/or the "coach" helping guide the overall development and execution of your plan.   Each client has a unique set of circumstances, so we meld to the situation and collaborate/lead based on what is relevant and valued.

Educational Events:  Workshops

See our events page to register for one of our upcoming webinars, workshops, or other events to learn about exit planning and value acceleration in a group format. 

Value Acceleration & Exit Plan Development

Begin by completing our "Exit Planning Assessment" which includes a free consultation and report.  This will provide a high level roadmap to a holistic planning process which aligns personal, financial, and business considerations.  If you choose to proceed beyond the free consultation, we will lead you through a holistic planning process which takes 8-12 weeks to establish a comprehensive exit plan that aligns to your values and goals.  Deliverables also include an estimated value of your business through the lens of an investor, benchmarked to other businesses in your category who have traded in the private market.  Further, by gathering both quantitative and qualitative information as part of our process, you will receive a prioritized action plan to improve the value of your business.  

Value Enhancement 

We work with your team in 90-day sprints to execute value enhancing initiatives using proven methodology.  Our framework aligns the team and provides rhythm and focus that delivers results.  Each quarter we will align on the priorities, actions, and the results we are looking to accomplish and monitor the incremental impact being created in business value.  This is the #1 thing business owners can invest in to change the outcome of their value.

Legacy & Succession Planning

As part of our exit planning services, we provide confidential and conflict-free advising for owners to explore options to transition ownership.  We educate you on the options for both internal and external transitions of ownership and guide the discovery and planning process.  Our services take the uncertainty out of the outcome and in most cases are integrated with our Value Enhancement offering to align both personal and business planning in a holistic process. Proactive planning enables the best decisions possible and allows the time needed to align personal and financial goals and ensures your business is ready when you are.  

Merger & Acquisition Planning and Integration

If part of your strategy includes exploring or executing plans to make acquisitions, we will partner with you to support strategy development and evaluation along with development of integration plans post deal.  We are happy to work with all of your advisors to ensure you get the best terms and ensure the integration is a success.

Business and Executive Coaching

We provide confidential 1-1 advisory and/or coaching engagements. We customize the engagement according to the goals. 

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