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 Lesley Vossenkemper, CEPA Founder

Lesley Vossenkemper, CEPA



Lesley spent the first 25 years of her career leading fast growing businesses, including the growth of a business unit from $0-$70M, which involved organic growth of 25%+ annually and 4 mergers & acquisitions -- 6 total M&A events during her time as an executive.  She is an authority in developing data-driven strategies and unlocking potential in teams to achieve goals.  She's found her calling helping business owners multiply their impact by elevating strategy and focus and aligning resources towards a greater sense of purpose and reward. 

With a passion to help business owners grow and scale their businesses, she resigned her corporate executive role in 2021 to launch Scale-Up Strategies.  She discovered the Value Acceleration Methodology in 2023 and was compelled to train and earn her CEPA designation from the Exit Planning Institute.  With this training combined with her work experience AND her first hand experiences as the daughter and granddaughter of successful entrepreneurs, she is grateful to have found a niche within the advisory space to leverage all of her experiences and make a difference in the lives of hard-working business owners and their teams. 

She set the charter for what clients can expect when working with Scale-Up Strategies:

  • Integrity

  • Confidentiality

  • Objective, authentic feedback and guidance

  • Research-based, best practice approaches

  • Creative, collaborative partnership

  • Results 

"Our clients call on us when they need a sounding board and advice they can trust.  They can count on us to be honest, hold the conversation in confidence, and follow through on our commitments.

Trust is earned by delivering results consistently over a period of time. That is exactly what we will do." 

- Lesley Vossenkemper

At home, Lesley and her husband, Jeff, have two children, Emily and Jayson.  They live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and make regular trips to the St Louis, MO area to visit family and friends.  Jeff works as a senior cyber security leader and is a 20-year veteran, serving time in both the Navy and the Air National Guard.  In their free time they enjoy biking, hiking, boating, attending concerts and spending time with family and friends.  

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