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Our goal is to be your must trusted advisor.

Our ideal client:

We do our best work with owners who...

  • Are planning ahead for transitioning their business on a time horizon of 2-10 years.  

  • Have a growth mindset: desire to be educated and empowered to act strategically in their planning and decision making.

  • Value an integrated approach to preparing not only their business, but also personally for their future and what they will do in their next act. 

  • Are high achievers - they want success in business and in life, and they strive to enhance their business's culture and their own work-life balance.  

Core to our approach:

We specialize in services for lower and mid-market business owners. We take a listen-first approach to understand challenges, values, and goals of our clients.  This creates the foundation of our partnership. 

We understand that business is personal.  As such, our services bring an integrated approach to planning.  We believe every owner has a 3-legged stool they are balancing. The legs of the stool are: personal, business, and financial.    

We leverage the research, best practices, and a proven methodology for value acceleration provided by the Exit Planning Institute.  As accomplished executives who have walked in your shoes, we have trained and passed an exam to be Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA's) and believe exit planning should be present-tense -- it is simply good business strategy. 

We are team players.  We understand and advocate for business owners to have a strong team of professionals around them to plan for and harvest the greatest potential for their business, personal, and financial goals.  We are happy to be a member of the team, or the quarterback.   Each client has a unique set of circumstances, so we meld to the situation and collaborate/lead based on what is most valued.

Bonus:  Education Industry Expertise!

Although we are industry agnostic in who we serve, our team includes members with decades of experience working in EdTech for colleges, universities, and secondary education.  

Educational Events:  Workshops

Register to attend one of our upcoming workshops or events to learn about present-tense exit planning and value acceleration in a group format.    We update our schedule of online and in-person events regularly. 

Engagement:  The Triggering Event 

The name says it all.  90% of owners who engage with us for a Triggering Event will be compelled to take focused action to capitalize on opportunities within their business surfaced by the data, insights, and recommended actions provided.  You will learn the approximate value of your business through the lens of an investor, benchmarked to other businesses in your category who have traded in the private market.  Further, by gathering both quantitative and qualitative information as part of the assessment of your business's attractiveness and readiness for transition, you will receive a focused, prioritized go-forward plan to unlock the opportunities and shore up gaps identified. 

Value Growth Advising

We educate and guide your management team to implement the value acceleration methodology (VAM), the best practices framework for making value-centered exit planning a present-tense practice.  This framework aligns the team and provides rhythm of operation and focus that creates an empowered and accountable culture of driving value, improving communication and job satisfaction.  Each quarter we will align on priorities, actions, and the results we are looking to accomplish and monitor the incremental impact being created in business value.  This is the #1 thing business owners don't know they should be doing until it is too late, and there is no time.

Exit Planning

At some point in time, every business owner deserves the opportunity to learn about and explore options to transition ownership of their business in a confidential setting.  We bring an objective lens to educating our clients on their options for internal and external transition of ownership and support the journey of navigating a discovery process.  We believe every owner should understand their options to enable the best decision possible, allow time for when/if they choose to exercise one of those options, and to ensure the decision is aligned to their values, goals, and wishes.  Whether the decision is to keep the business or decide to sell, we are here to ensure you are in the drivers seat and you are ready and able to celebrate when you make the move to your "next act" in life. 

Merger & Acquisition Planning and Integration

We create a strategy & people centered wrapper on your plans pre and post transaction to ensure you are successful at delivering on the value drivers of your deal.  Engage us pre-transaction during due diligence and we will prepare the integration plan to execute when your deal closes. We believe putting the work in up front will ensure success on the back-end.

Strategic Planning & North Star Retreats

We plan and facilitate strategic planning or North Star development retreats.  We will partner with you pre and post event to ensure the objectives of the retreat are clear and the resulting initiatives set up for success.

Business and Executive Coaching

We provide confidential 1-1 advisory and/or coaching engagements. We customize the engagement according to the goals. 

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